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U.S. Military Deletes AP Photos

These are the words of Col. Victor Petrenko, chief of staff to the top U.S. commander in eastern Afghanistan, as quoted in Editor and Publisher:

“”When untrained people take photographs or video, there is a very real risk that the images or videography will capture visual details that are not as they originally were,” he said. “If such visual media are subsequently used as part of the public record to document an event like this, then public conclusions about such a serious event can be falsely made.””

Yes! That’s absolutely right, Mr. Petrenko! Especially when the footage shows US military firing on civilians! Then the public might start to think that all these reports of civilian casualites in Afghanistan, which the military either downplays or denies, are true! That would be terrible. People knowing the truth? God forbid. (Hey, does anyone know about these cameras that “capture” visual details that are not as they originally were? I want that camera. That sounds so cool!)

This is the first thing I read when I woke up this morning: article. Always nice to get your reccomended daily allowance of censorship straight away…But I have a sneaking suspician they upped the doses recently. I’m feeling a bit dizzy lately, trying to figure out what country actually has press freedom. Oh wait, maybe that was one of those fairytales my parents told me when I was a child.


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