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Letter from Tehran 22 Bahman Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Today was a very difficult day. Not only for the Green movement, but because the government had used all it had to show off today. There are two main analyses of this day. One is: what happened today? and the other one – which is longer and needs to incorporate opinions of others in order to reach a conclusion- is: was this a failure or a victory for the Green movement? was it done properly or not? did we get hit or we hit one? in general the pros and cons of today, that I will leave for later discussions.

As it was predicted and news reported, from early in the morning, much earlier than previous years, the buses carrying the government’s supporters arrived to downtown Tehran. They arrived from all corners of the city, with children and stroller-carrying women, with grandmothers and grandfathers who were cordially mobilized towards Azadi Square. Azadi Square was packed with the poor flyers that were printed in unbelievably huge numbers. Some people were covered in government posters, and there were more flyers and posters flying on the walls and sides of the streets. All the streets were covered with loudspeakers and musical bands, to the point that even if you shouted with your loudest voice, the person standing 10 meters away from you could probably not hear you. There were so many posters that each person was given 10s- 20s of them as soon as they arrived at the scene. If you did not carry any posters they would protest and ask you why you were empty-handed, with a look hinting that you are with the Greens, to the point that we were obligated to hold posters of Khamenei at some point.
This was their end.

Police and plain clothes militia were in such numbers that one would only wonder how this country can afford all these people on its payroll. Spending all this money for what? Can’t they run a city without all this militia? What are all the guards, police forces, and intelligence agents for? to do what exactly? Not to let a single green sign and symbol to be shown? You just had to say one الله اکبر (God is Great) and all the forces would run towards you like an insect attack to get you. It was the same story all along Azadi St. There was militia and police forces in all the parkings, hospitals, universities, everywhere; police, security, like an insects invasion. Chador-cladded women, plain clothes men, green clothes police, tiger pattern police, all colors and shapes, going up and down the walls of this city.

And now our end.
Some of us were scared and we had all the rights to be. Come and see how you can actually pee in your pants sometimes! Some have friends and family in the prison; some parents don’t let their children go out; if you take a kid with you, you will witness unimaginable scenes not proper to describe, and you can’t have grandfathers and grandmothers go out as they can’t run away from motor ridden police. A couple of streets away from Azadi Square, the police would check us out and they would immediately know which side we were with. They would then start searching the cars, our pockets, and even if you had done nothing wrong, they would get you and beat you. This was the story from the get go, around 9 AM. Nonetheless, with some stubbornness and perseverance we finally did make it to Azadi Square….

You tell me if this is a sign of the regime’s strength or its weakness? If we were able to show up with our planned calm and peacefulness in this mess, is that a failure? Is it a failure to have caused all this mobilization of police and militia? From all over the country?

Yes my friend, the Green movement without any media outlet and no leader and no institutional rights or organization, caused a lot of stir today such as the clashes with the elites and non elites [Karroubi, Rahnavard, etc]. Most importantly even if they hit us and yelled at us and didn’t let us reach our intended goals, we did gain experience, and added this experience to those gained in the past couple of months.

Let’s not forget that we are in no hurry, we won’t lose hope with one failure and get ecstatic with one win. We don’t recognize this day as the end of the road. We won’t resort to violence no matter how hard they try to provoke us. We won’t retaliate in their fashion. We will disarm them with our love and cultural superiority.

If they are real men, they can -for one day, only one day- provide us with security so that we come out and have our showdown, they can do that with the same zeal that they receive and enjoy their government paid free cookies and juices on days such as today. But wait, we don’t need them, we can do it ourselves, we are numerous in numbers “ما بیشماریم”.

They thought hard and long and this was the outcome they achieved. They should know that we are the same people who stood shoulder by shoulder in different colors next to each other only a couple of months ago. We were together in all the cities and there was not even one drop of blood that was spared.

So who is the real enemy of the people who let it get to this day???????


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