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Burmese Kill 2 Foreign Journalists

Purported to be the Japanese journalist shot dead by Burmese troops….doesn’t look like much of an accident.

Although not yet confirmed by the Embassy of Japan, the Japanese video journalist killed in the recent incident is Kenji Nagai of APF. It was also reported that a caucasian man believed to be a German photojournalist was assasinated on Thursday in Rangoon. Link to the Bankok Post article here, and the Nation Multimedia group here.

Addendum: The bit about the German seems to have been a mistake. The Nation has not followed up on this report.


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  4. admin says:

    Seems to be the case, Thomas….have not heard anything since.

  5. update: the story about the 2nd journo seems to be an error. checked with DPA, they ran a 1st lead: Earlier reports that a Caucasian man, suspected of being a German national, was also shot turned out to not confirmed – and reportedly a matter of confusion on the part of local authorities.

  6. Any more info on the 2nd journo allegedly killed? Apart from the Bangkok post article, couldn’t find anything on this.

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