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Video of Japanese Journalist Shows Deliberately Shot

New footage has emerged of Kenji Nagai being what appears to be quite deliberately gunned down by Burmese forces at near point blank range, contradicting the junta’s official statement that he was hit by a stray bullet.

The events of the last few days shows plainly that the Burmese junta has absolutely no care for what the rest of the world might think or do in response to their actions. Even before the UN summit in NY had drawn to a close they started killing monks. It looks like big trouble is on the horizon. There are rumors that there is dissent within the leading ranks regarding the violent crackdown against the monks, and word on the street says the military junta’s supreme leader, Senior General Than Shwe’s family flew to Laos on a chartered flight this afternoon.

On another note, I discovered an absolutely hilarious video of Senators McConnell and Feinstein, showing their bipartisan support of the Burmese struggle for democracy. My favorite part is when McConnell looks deep into the camera and says “Your struggle is our struggle.” Really? At what point did you struggle today, Mr. McConnell? Did you catch your thumb in the door of your Mercedes on the way to work? Did you spill your Starbucks coffee in your lap at lunchtime? Or did you shed a little tear of compassion for the poor people of Burma getting mowed down as you lay your head on your downy soft pillow before falling to sleep? WATCH


2 Responses to “Video of Japanese Journalist Shows Deliberately Shot”

  1. admin says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Mohinga, and good to know. I am not taking either of them to task for adding their voices to the public outcry, rather, something which I find discredits most voices of this kind is the total lack of awareness about how ridiculous they sound to people who live in this part of the world. I live just next door, in Thailand. I live a cushy life compared to the vast majority of people I cross on the street everyday. But what strikes me in the language of the senator is how out of touch he really is with the people who are actually living the struggle, else he wouldn’t say something so insulting. I wondered who exactly he was talking to when he said that. If it was to the people of Burma, most of them don’t speak English, and those who do would most likely agree with my comments, because even if he means well, really….how is he struggling along with them? He might have the issue on his agenda, but it’s not a struggle….unless, that is, he’s been to the jungles of Burma and walked along side the Karen, dodging bullets. If that’s the case, then I will humbly retract my loathsome statement.

    Thanks for stopping in to add your comments.

  2. Mohinga says:

    Senator McConnell was an early and vocal critic of the SPDC going back to when they were called the SLORC. While he may have other positions I take issue with, it is simply not correct to portray McConnell as a “Johnny-come-lately” to the Burma issue.

    I suggest examining Senator Feinstein’s position which (thus far) has protected Unocal while she created a sanctions package that received broad support on both sides of the aisle. Grassroots pressure must be generated to close this loophole and pull Chevron – who has since acquired Unocal – out of Burma.

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