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Power Sharing Deal Struck

Supporters of ODM cheering outside Harambe house were dispersed with tear gas this afternoon as President Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga signed a power sharing deal. The deal struck creates a Prime Ministerial post for Mr. Odinga with the necessary constitutional amendments, and two Deputy Prime Minister positions, one for ODM and one for PNU. It also allows for the appointment of a 50/50 cabinet along party lines. It remains to be seen, however, how much executive power the Prime Minister shall be accorded, and chief mediator Kofi Annan was rather vague about the details surrounding this contentious issue. The deal comes at a moment in Kenya where everyone felt the nation was on the brink of disaster. Militia groups all around the country have been threatening more violence if an agreement was not arrived at. Alhough this is definitely a major breakthrough in the deadlocked talks and cause for celebration, we must wait and see how much of the agreement will actually be implemented in deed and if the grand coalition can tread water. At the very least this will help to cool tensions for now.


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  1. Elderta says:

    Excellent news. I hope things look up from here.

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