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ALERT: US Bombs Kenya Somali Border

REPORT: One AC-130 bomber flew over the Somali-Kenyan border yesterday Sunday March 2, 2008, in an airstrike upon the Somali town of Dhoble, killing 6 and injuring 20 according to the latest reports. It is not yet clear where the plane came from. Reports of an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean are credible but it has not yet been determined whether this is the Eisenhower which appeared last year in January of 2007, when a similar bombing campaign occured in the same town. This territory is in theory protected by United Nations Common Law on the Sea and the US would need the go ahead from the UN Security Council, but, America tends to follow international law only when it’s convenient.

Reports of helicopters harassing boats along the Somali border are flowing in.

US troops inside Kenya along the border area in NE Province withdrew inexplicably on February 27, 2008.

Elsewehere, in the Rift Valley town of Trans Nzoia, 15 people are reported dead from what sounds like another round of clashes. 3 were shot, 6 hacked, and 6 burned in houses. I have no information at present to specify who is being targeted.


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