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Good Job America!


Christine King Farris, Martin Luther King Jr.’s sister, reacts to the news at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia (couldn’t find the credit)

The above photograph is one of my favorite images from the wires. Ms. Farris’ expression embodies the same combination of wonder and disbelief I felt watching CNN officially call the election for Obama early this morning from my desktop in France. I don’t have much to add to all the statements made around the world about what a historic day it was and what a promising sign of progress and hope it is for America, for the world, and particularly for people of color. Having spent a great deal of time in the United States, I learned a thing or two about the wounds of slavery that continue to plague that nation, and having recently been to Africa, I sadly came to understand that feeling “less than” is a lingering symptom of centuries of colonialism. Let this day be the beginning of a healing process, and a reminder that we can one day realize Dr. King’s dream in every corner of the earth.

A ripple of joy could be felt across the entire world today; a palpable sense of relief and celebration that not only are we finally, at last, to be rid of the Bush monsters, but we are exiting this period in history with a true leader at the helm. Best wishes to Mr. Obama as he embarks on this difficult journey, for it won’t be long before the world stops jumping for joy and starts putting his feet to the fire. There is much to be done, and more importantly, much to be undone. Good job, America. It looks like you finally woke up. But please, don’t stop here.


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