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Neda: Eyewitness Says Shot by Sniper

I am not siting sources for the vast majority of the material I receive through my network for obvious reasons. Here is the latest on Neda Agha-Soltan, who was shot in the heart on Saturday as she was protesting with one of her professors.

“At last I could talk my friend in Iran who he has made the movie of Neda dying and he has sent the video to me.
I write here exactly as he told me:

‘we were in the street and we heared that a sound like gunshot
we thought it is a firecracker
for the second time we heard it and I saw that Neda is not normal
and we ran toward her. I was is a one meter distance to her when she was shot.
my friend (the friend of my friend in Iran) is a doctor and he went to her and I took the movie
I deny any news about motor cycle Basijis, I am sure that she is shot from a roof by sniper
I deny about arresting the Basiji by the people and I have never seen some thing like that
As I Understood, the man next to her, he must be her father, I think so.

I asked him is he ready to talk with repoerters and journalists who they asked me to make them in touch with him?
He answered: “I can be in touch with them via you (me, Hamed Rad) for security reasons This is my latest news about this movie which is taken by my friend
Reverently: Hamed’



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