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Iranian Blogger on the Run

A brave Iranian blogger who has been providing amazing original footage and minute by minute updates of events in Iran at his blog and through Facebook is apparently on the run from state agents. Yesterday his Facebook profile was suspended due to overnetworking on his part, a built-in algorythm in Facebook that is meant to prevent people from becoming “annoying” by posting too much. He opened a fan page separately so that readers could keep track of him if his profile was completely taken down, but this evening his profile reads¬† “The Iranian agents attacked our home, attacked people there and keep looking for me across the country.”

I wanted to write to him to tell him to be careful, that he was getting too much traffic and attention on Facebook, but the damage seems already to have been done. I am concerned that some of my Iranian contacts may have gotten careless in the last week, forgetting what the Islamic establishment is capable of, and boldly taking front-center roles in communicating information to the outside world. PLEASE, for all of you who are getting information from Iranians inside, please, please, please remind them to maintain as much anonymity as is possible. And to all those who are taking the risks to tell the world what is happening, don’t let your vanity or you anger at the state lead you to unnecessarily dangerous behavior.

I will update readers on the status of this blogger, who shall remain anonymous for now, as news comes available. Let’s hope he will be okay and that his family is well and unharmed. PLEASE EVERYONE, BE VERY CAREFUL TO PROTECT THE IDENTITY OF YOUR SOURCES AND URGE THEM TO STAY UNDER COVER. LIVES ARE AT STAKE HERE.¬†


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