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Video of Pregnant Woman Shot? Updated

I have seen numerous reports of a pregnant woman who was killed in Tehran last week. I also have seen photographs of what is supposed to be her autopsy with the unborn infant removed from her stomach showing a large flesh wound on its back, (extremely graphic). A video which was first uploaded on June 16, but doesn’t seem to have gotten much attention, shows what looks distinctly like a pregnant woman being put in an ambulance. Have a look.

UPDATE: A reader wrote in to confirm my suspicions that the photo of a wounded feotus being removed from a woman’s belly is from Gaza. I am not convinced about the veracity of the video either. I am pretty sure it is in Iran of these days, but I’m not convinced the woman is really injured though she does look pregnant. I am surprised that if this story about a pregnant woman being killed is true, we would have heard more about it and yet the story just died. I’m going to call it propaganda for now until any further evidence emerges.


4 Responses to “Video of Pregnant Woman Shot? Updated”

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  2. pedram says:

    This video IS from Iran. They are chanting in persian which I can understand.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks a lot Soheila. I had a suspicion it might be from Gaza. Many thanks for writing in.

  4. soheila says:

    shame on whoever is using this pic to play with peoples emotion.this pic is from gaza . I saw that couple months ago during the gaza invasion by Isreal.”shocking pictures from gaza”

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