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U.S. Senators Seek to Ease Iranian Media Access

The move by Seantors McCain and Leiberman will only be read by the Iranian Regime as sabotage and help perpetuate the “foreign meddling” propaganda the state is feeding its people. An American Jew trying to bring the Iranian government to its knees. Brilliant move. I’m sure IRNA (Iranian State television) will seize upon this in no time.

Senator John McCain is also on the board of the group Terror Free Tomorrow that conducting an independent poll much quoted in the early days after the election to prove that Ahmedinajad was leading Mousavi before the disputed election. What are the neoconcs up to really?

Here’s an excerpt and you can read the whole report at CQ

“Three hard-line Senate voices on Iran said Thursday they will introduce legislation to expand Iranians’ access to free media in the wake of a post-election crackdown on protests and communication.

Republicans John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Connecticut independent Joseph I. Lieberman said they would introduce the bill, which would authorize more money for U.S. broadcasting services as well as technology to circumvent attempts to block broadcasts and Web sites, after the July Fourth recess.

“We want the Iranian people to stay one step ahead of the Iranian regime in getting access to information and safely exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly online,” Lieberman said.


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