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Letter from Tehran 06.26.2009

Hey guys,
I would not be around that much,we have real security issues over here and I have confirmed news that a lot of people are being arrested through Cyber stuff like videos,photos and internet posts.

They r monitoring everything closely now that they are a little bit free.

We will try to somehow pass the news as much as we can,but things are getting too risky over here,there is a lot that you guys don’t know about how they r arresting ppl and what happens to some of them,where they are taken and how they are tortured(all I can say is that it is worst than what happened in revolution).

Don’t talk about any of this stuff over the phone when you call Ir.I know it sounds scary,but it is true.The way they r monitoring is not a trick just to scare us,they are taking actions against the info they have found.So I am just going to lay low for a while.

Take care all and wish us luck.


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