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Late Night Bits

Tehran Bureau reports: CALL FROM TEHRAN – [translated] After the 10 o’clock news, when the result of the Guardian Council’s vote count was announced, the sound of Allah o Akbar [protesters chanting ‘God is Great’] sounded more loudly than ever before. More and more people are joining those chanting, and people sound angrier than ever.

Mr. Mostafaei is a lawyer and human right activist that represents 31 out of 135 juveniles in death row in Iran. Mr. Mostafaei became a prominent activist after he was able to win a case five years ago involving 15 years old girl who was in trail for killing a man who she said was trying to rape her. Since then, he has become center of child execution issue in Iran by defending the juveniles and trying to change the Iranian Constitution by reversing the age of maturity from 15 years for boys and 9 years for girls to 18 years for both.

Mr. Mostafaei was arrested from his home in Iran four days ago (June 25, 2009) and was taken to Evin prison!!!
The life of many juveniles in death row in Iran greatly depends on his work, and he is the only hope for these kids. Your support can bring attention to international community about his arrest.


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