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Letter to the Supreme Leader

Here is an excerpt from a letter written to the Supreme Leader of Iran by one of his daughter’s former classmates:

“You, just like the shah, silence the voices of protestors with gunshots. But don’t forget that the shah’s harsh methods undid him and caused his regime to fall…Islam permits irreligious or secular rulers. It does not permit tyrants. I pity you. All the blood you’ve spilled has forever stained your 70 years of worship and piety.

Ali Khamenei, if you pursue the path you have been following, our people’s anger will take a different form. It will turn you and your family, as it did the shah’s and his, into forlorn and helpless individuals with the word “exile” stamped across your foreheads.

Before it’s too late for you and your family, realize that Neda’s voice is here to stay.”

Read the whole missive here.


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