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Don’t Look Away – Don’t Look at This

Someone on iReport has posted a photograph that’s circulating of a student reported to have been beaten by Basij. The young man is in a coma now, and quite frankly, it’s a miracle he’s a live at all. The photograph is shocking so I’ve put it after the jump.

The news coming out of Iran these days is gruesome. Videos and photographs and first hand accounts are trickling out that serve as a chilling reminder of state brutality which apparently knows no bounds. Everyday, body’s are being broken, parents are looking for their children, people are on the run. The aftermath of the mass protests is taking a decidedly more sinister form.  The Guardian has published an account of a young man who “was arrested in Shiraz on 15 June, the Monday after the election. Some sturdy young men made a human shield around the demonstrators. He was among them. He said he managed to hit some of the anti-riot police. But then they caught him and beat him up.

“I was kept in a van till evening that day and then transferred to a solitary cell where I was kept for two days,” he said. “Then I was repeatedly interrogated, beaten and hung from a ceiling. They call it chicken kebab. They tie your hands and feet together and hang you from the ceiling, turning you around and beating you with cables.”

Click here to see the picture mentioned above, but user discretion is emphatically advised.

Iranian sudent beat by Basij forces.

Iranian sudent beat by Basij forces.


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