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EUFOR in the Chadian Theatre

by Anne Holmes When the sun comes up in eastern Chad, the dawn of a new day brings with it a host of daunting challenges. Soon the temperatures will rise […]


Notes on the Darfur Refugee Crisis

Camp Iridimi, Eastern Chad I spent a month wandering around eastern Chad, along the border with Sudan, where some 250,000 Darfuris fled a genocidal conflict to settle in massive refugee […]


Firefight in Abeche

by Anne Holmes In Abeche now, the day was very calm. After checking with various people about the security situation, we took a drive up north to Biltine to have […]


Chad Day 1

Arrival in N’djamena, Chad June 17, 2008. Things are calm in the capital after a series of rebel attacks in the east destabilized regular proceedings and raised the alert levels […]