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Last Day of Scheduled Protests Sees More Bloodshed

GSU and AP units charge into a residential section of Kibera shooting live ammunition and tear gas. © Anne Holmes The last day of outlawed protests in Kenya saw a […]


Violence in Mathare Left Several Injured

I just received an eye witness report from a credible source on the ground who said last night in Mathare several people had been seriously injured with machetes, probably by […]


UPDATED: Door to Door Raids and Police Brutality Leave Five Injured and one dead in Kibera

Military and police forces harassed residents of Kibera. © Anne Holmes Another day of violence in Kibera left one dead and five wounded according to MSF. In the Nairobi slum […]


Fiirst Day of ODM Scheduled Protests Brings More Violence

A large group of people who alleged a mob was trying to loot them, gathered to watch as police moved in to fend the others off. © Anne Holmes At […]


ODM Wins House Speakers

Mini Pub, West Nairobi. © Anne Holmes Local Nairobi residents celebrated last night when parliamentary election results announced Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party members won both House and Deputy Speaker […]


Open Letter by Shailja Patel

An Open Letter to SAMUEL KIVUITU, Chairman of Electoral Commission of Kenya from Shailja Patel. Dear Mr. Kivuitu, We’ve never met. It’s unlikely we ever will. But, like every other […]