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Rethinking Coal (Multimedia)

By Rebecca Carroll for Chuck Nelson mined coal seams deep below the Appalachian hills of Boone County, West Virginia, for nearly 30 years before dark powder and chemical particulates drove […]


EUFOR in the Chadian Theatre

by Anne Holmes When the sun comes up in eastern Chad, the dawn of a new day brings with it a host of daunting challenges. Soon the temperatures will rise […]


Notes on the Darfur Refugee Crisis

Camp Iridimi, Eastern Chad I spent a month wandering around eastern Chad, along the border with Sudan, where some 250,000 Darfuris fled a genocidal conflict to settle in massive refugee […]


Postcard from the Deep Blue

© Anne Holmes Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been living on a tiny island inhabited by animist sea gypsies, that is surrounded by some of the […]