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Pul Charki prison, Afghanistan. © Anne Holmes Hello. I am back from Afghanistan and in the process of putting together my exhibition for Japan. I will be showing photographs from […]


Women of Iran

© Anne Holmes I recently made a trip to Iran. Here is a collection of photographs of women. For more information, click on the large image. © Anne Holmes I […]


Paris Demonstrations.

+click to enlarge Manifestations contre le licenciement de 850 employees de Lufthansa. © Anne Holmes On my way back to Bangkok, Employees of Lufthansa demonstrated in Paris Charles de Gaulle […]


Good Morning Tokyo

© Anne Holmes Ohayo, Nippon. You are the favored contender in the competition with India for the country with the most contradictions. Your taxis have doors that open automatically, your […]


Postcard from the Deep Blue

© Anne Holmes Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been living on a tiny island inhabited by animist sea gypsies, that is surrounded by some of the […]