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Voices of Kenya

Burning the Master’s House

by Onyango Oketch Now let the blame game begin. Schools in Kenya are going up in flames, together with the ideologies they espouse. We might say nothing new in these. […]


Constitutional Crisis in Kenya

By Prof. Alberto Bencivenga ( Whoever reads Mr. S. N. Waruhiu’s book “From Autocracy to Democracy in Kenya” will be impressed by the amount of information and by the clarity […]


They Are Young

By Onyango Oketch Move over grand pa They are young. They are angry. They are articulate and sophisticated. Nearly three quarters of them live in the sprawling slums of major […]


Open Letter by Shailja Patel

An Open Letter to SAMUEL KIVUITU, Chairman of Electoral Commission of Kenya from Shailja Patel. Dear Mr. Kivuitu, We’ve never met. It’s unlikely we ever will. But, like every other […]