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Land of Oś

By Danny Ghitis This series focuses on the complex nature of life in the Polish town, Oświęcim, better known for its German name, Auschwitz. As a grandson of a Holocaust […]


Open Letter to The Pulitzer Center and Mr. Vernaschi

I should like to take the time to address some of the issues raised in Marco Vernaschi’s response to his critics on the Pulitzer Center’s website. Both Jon Sawyer, director […]


Interview with Marco Vernaschi Retracted

For those of you who check in regularly, you may have noticed that I have removed two posts on the subject of child sacrifice in Uganda by the photographer Marco […]


And Now for Something Completely Different I

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum recently acquired a photo album compiled by Karl Hoecker, an adjutant to Richard Baer, the Auschwitz camp commander. The album was discovered in Frankfurt by […]