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Photographer Injured in South Thailand Bomb Blast

Veteran conflict photographer Philip Blenkinsop sustained minor injuries when a bomb exploded in South Thailand’s Yala province, early Tuesday morning. 11 others were injured in the blast. Violent incidents in the South, where 2,100 people have died since January 2004, have been near daily occurances for more than a year now. Some suggest that not all the attacks can be attributed to the separatists groups pushing for independence. It is possible that other groups are carrying out the attacks to pin more violence on the so-called “insurgents,” in the hopes that the government will step up military action against them.

Blenkinsop recently went on a fact finding mission to Laos. He went into the far reaches of the jungle to photograph the Hmong people who conspired with the CIA during the Vietnam war. Even now, 30 years later, they are a hunted people as the Laotian Communist army is doing everything it can to exterminate them. Please have a look at this very important body of work recently published in Time magazine. Click

And for a collection of Blenkinsop’s photos from nearly 20 years of photography from SE Asia, click here.


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