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Martial Law in Iran as Revolutionary Guards Jockey for Power

Unverified report from reliable source:

The Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) is seeking support from Majlis National Security & Foreign Affairs commission to approve martial law powers. Martial law is already in place in some provincial towns. A curfew is in place in Najafabad: security asked people not to leave their houses through loudspeakers. Violators were beaten. The same is true in Mashhad and Shiraz

The Revolutionary Gurads (Sepah) Intel, the Interior Ministry, and Intel Ministry are reported to have met early Monday morning, presumably to discuss installing martial law nation-wide. This seems to be the latest theory coming out of Iran.

Iranian army (Artesh) commanders of Tehran, Karaj & Qazvin units are said to have met prior to the meeting.

Ahmedinejad and Supreme Leader Khameini are believed to be using Sepah representatives to pressure the SNSC to arrest all leaders of the Green Movement and its activists. Most objections & concerns were expressed against arresting Khatami, as it could bring about an international outcry. The source says the notability of this meeting wasn’t the fact that Sepah and the Supreme Leader’s representatives were asking for carte-blanche, again, it was the fact that all members fully understood that the regime as a whole is in immediate danger of imploding through defections if the situation isn’t ended immediately. Joint Forces Command is said to be worried revolts in garrisons may happen at anytime. If all of this is true it would stand to explain why we saw so many videos in which the armed forces seemed to be outnumbered and overtaken by the protesters.

Parts of this theory seems to be corroborated by Maziar Bahari, the newsweek journalist who was held for four months at Iran’s most notorious Evin Prison in Tehran. Watch Below or click here if the player isn’t working.


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