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Thaksin Speaks to Anti-Coup Rally via Webcast

© Anne Holmes

An estimated seven to ten thousand people rallied at Sanam Luang last night to watch a prerecroded webcast speech by ousted PM Thaksin Shinawatra. Since June 2, crowds have been gathering nightly at the historical site in Bangkok in growing numbers to protest the disolution of the former PM’s TRT party. Tonight, an estimated 20,000 people are expected to gather and march from Sanam Luang to military headquarters.

Thaksin reportedly withdrew 1.5 billion US dollars from 21 domestic bank accounts just before the Council for National Security (CNS) froze his assets on Monday, but it seems that the money has not left Thailand. The question then remains, who is in control of it and what will they do with it? I have been receiveing warnings from all sides that something is amiss, and that violent clashes are likely to occur. The rally begins at 8 pm.

Addendum: The March was cancelled due to heavy rains. Some 2,000 CNS supporters were reportedly waiting in front of parliament to clash with the anti-putsch demonstrators. This meeting will be rescheduled for next weekend, presumably.


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