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Alert: 24 hours to Save Sakineh from Death Sentence in Iran

UPDATE: (Sakineh’s execution has been averted. Click Here for more information on how to help her get out of prison.)

Iranian authorities could execute Sakineh Ashtiani today.

This July, a global outcry saved her from death by stoning. Now, the Iranian government has issued execution orders based on trumped-up charges — and she could be killed within a day. We have only a few hours to get world leaders with influence in Iran to do all they can to save her life.

Sign the Petition Now to send an emergency message directly to the leaders of Turkey, Brazil, and key UN nations who could sway Iran to halt the execution. These leaders heeded our calls in July and August, and their intervention made the difference. Now they must hear from us again, massively, and respond quickly. If enough of us raise our voices now, an outrage and a tragedy may yet be averted. (Source: Avaaz)

Sakineh is an Iranian woman of Azeri decent convicted of adultery and murder under Iran’s Sharia law. An international campaign to spare her life was started by her two children, with impressive success so far. One of her lawyers, Mohammed Mostafaei, was forced to flee Iran after publicly condemning the execution. His wife and brother-in-law were subsequently arrested, but he has since been reunited with his family in Norway. Her son, Sajad Ghaderzadeh, her other lawyer, Javid Houtan Kian, and two German citizens who sought to interview Sajad are being detained since October 10.

Sakineh was first tried in 2006, by a court in Tabriz, pleading guilty under torture to the offense of an “illicit relationship” with two men who, to date, have never been named. She has since retracted the confession extracted under duress. The alleged adultery occurred after the death of her husband and another man has already been convicted of his murder. Sadly, such cases are all too common in Iran, but international pressure has of late proven to be effective in deterring the Iranian courts from carrying out human rights violations of this nature. Please take part in this unprecedented grass roots movement to stop her execution.


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