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Another Assasination?


UPDATE: It appears the killing is a crime of passion. The MP in question was apparently having an affair with the Policeman’s wife.

UPDATE #2: As noted by one reader who commented below, the officer also killed his wife and has been charged with both murders. I will not rename this post as I cited it when I first heard the news off the wire, without having any further information. The updates correct the misinformation. My apologies for jumping the gun on this one.

Nairobi was quiet today. Thank God!

UPDATE #3: ODM is treating the killing as an assassination. The woman, Eunice Chepkwony, was not the assailant’s wife, nor is their any concrete evidence that she was having an affair with Kimutai Too, the MP who was shot dead yesterday afternoon. Andrew Moache, the gunman, was apparently immediately charged with the murder, arousing suspicion of foul play as there was no thorough investigation before charging the man. The facts remain clouded in a haze. A joint funeral for Too and Were is due to take place soon in Nairobi and is likely to be accompanied by havoc.


5 Responses to “Another Assasination?”

  1. Serenity says:

    Lass: I have to admit that I mostly agree with your sentiments.

  2. Serenity says:

    To lass: There is the obviously expected negativity in such an issue. Or conspiracy. Apparently (and as expected) the MP’s wife denies the affair-that’s very expected! Who wants to outrightly admit that their spouse is (was) having an affair? There is always that denial. In considering the big picture, it is easy to declare foul play-I will give you that. Posting supported material is shows responsibility.
    PS: You say you are a Kenyan who grew up in a big city; I grew up in THE big city!

  3. lass says:

    Serenity, surely it is the epitome of all naivete to believe that this killing is anything than what it really is, an assassination. As a Kenyan who grew up in the city, it is extremely frustrating to communicate with folks who believe everything they read or are told. To be a fully functioning adult in young and extremely dangerous democracy, you must read between the lines. Otherwise, we cannot have a democracy. We have to send a strong message that we are Kenyans, sophisticated and we “know” what is going on. This spin is meant for westerners, not us.

  4. Serenity says:

    Please please please, for the sake of accuracy and all that in linked to it, rename this post. The death of the MP in Eldoret is not an assasination, but a murder in some private drama (love-triangle) involving two police officers and the MP. Also indicate that the female officer died and that the male officer has been arrested and is being charged with the 2 murders! Such inaccuracies in media are really splitting up Kenyans in diaspora.

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