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Photographs of Iran’s Feared Basiji Special Forces

The following images were sent to me by a friend taken over the last few days. They show the feared Basiji militiamen, a volunteer-based paramilitary organization that takes orders from the revolutionary guard and is traditionally dispatched to deal with mass dissidence. My friend emphasized that the situation is incredibly dangerous for people right now and put the death toll at 35. The mourner’s march went smoothly on Thursday, but people expect violence tomorrow.









4 Responses to “Photographs of Iran’s Feared Basiji Special Forces”

  1. ahmad-k says:

    hi …
    I am one of the Basij members …
    Have you ever seen a a Basij member?
    Some of your pictures not from iran and others are Iranian movies …
    Do not be stupid …

  2. shss says:

    long live islamic empire of iran

  3. Free Iran says:

    Thank you for your article and pictures – we are dedicating a blog site to expose these Basiji thugs. Lots of your pictures have appeared all over and it is fantastic footage. Thanks again for helping.

  4. Lee says:

    Legacy of Basiji is extremely patriotic and bloody, as they’d been

    ridding of bombs on roads by killing themselves…so that routes will be

    open up for Iranian forces to proceed ‘War March’ against Iraq in 80s.

    Today, they become nothing but a militia guys serving totalitarian

    regime, intimitating particularly youths inside University and whielding

    whatsoever they have in their hands against dissents, i.e. democratic

    citizens as I write

    Remembering vivid eyes of brilliant women, being reminded of

    firm accounts and wishes from various walks of life – some of who’re

    just sick of “Mullah regime”- during my visit there,

    I dead hope the struggle for Democracy and Justice would further

    prevail the country, which is otherwise so so beautiful!

    Appreciate ur blogging, AH!

    – Democratic citizen in Seoul –

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