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Late Night Updates

Iranian authorities have falsely claimed that Interpol is investigating the death of Neda Soltan who was shot on June 20 in Tehran by Basij forces. Her story has had such an impact on the world and on the Iranian public that clearly the state doesn’t know how to handle the situation and can’t seem to decide on a story they can stick to. First they tried to blame the murder on foreign Hizbollah. There seemed to be problems with that story so they then accused BBC journalist Jon Leyne of staging her murder to spice up a documentary film they said he was working on. Then they said the CIA did it but apparently no one bought that story either, so they changed the story again and said that Neda had been mistaken for the sister of an Iranian terrorist. Now they say the details around her death are so mysterious that Interpol has gotten involved, except, well, they haven’t, and have publicly denied that they are involved in any way or that they have even received any such requests from the Iranian government. Read the CBS Report.

Here’s a bit of comic relief for everyone:

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