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An image I found on Twitpic from a source that has continuously released quality information shows ballots supposed to be from the election in Iran and seems to indicates a similarity of handwriting. I also saw a video of two young men filling out numerous ballots one after the other, but of course there is no way to validate any of this information. These images, however, appear to have been released by Iranian state news agency, IRNA.
Notes on the pictures from ThirdEye:
1. unfolded votes! (they won’t fit into the ballot without folding
2. pen type and color (exactly same)
3. hand writings are very similar (it appears as one person tried to write in different form but followed the same pattern)
4. a ballot from different election is seen (council election)

Vote papers won’t fit in ballot box without unfolding, they are all unfolded before counting.  If you look at the other photo you can also notice that the hand writing are exactly the same, but the words are different.

one says : Dr. Mahmood Ahmadi Nezhad

one says : Mr. Ahmadinejad

another one says : Mahmoud ahmadi nezhad



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