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Iran’s Opposition Leaders at a Glance (2002)

Journeyman pictures has an excellent documentary on Iran’s political critics. It’s from spring 2002 but gives a good sense of how active the opposition already was back then, both in the universities and in the Majlis, Iran’s parliamentary body. What’s is also noteworthy is Mousavi’s absence from the opposition landscape, suggesting he was projected into the role of reform leader in the last weeks of the election, and is not the true visionary the movement seeks. The embed link has been disabled but I provide a link below to watch the half hour program on Youtube. My only complaint is that the narrator mispronounces the names of leaders and major cities alike.

Watch the Program

Much of the chatter on-line in recent days suggests support for Mousavi has soured, despite his much publicized visit last week with the family of Sohrab Arabi, a 19-year old boy killed in the protests on June 15 whose body was only released to the family last week.The movement seems to have gained elan nonetheless, as most estimates of Friday’s protest turnout seem to edge toward 1 million.

Here is a video of Mousavi’s visit with the Arabi family, and below one showing impressive turnout for Friday’s protests when Mousavi was spotted at Friday prayers led by Rafsanjani. His renewed presence, however, doesn’t deny the fact that he has largely distanced himself from the movement.

Crowd is chanting: “No dialogue, no giving up! Only Struggle until freedom!”


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